Active Directory Security Analyst

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
Job Summary:
The Active Directory Security Analyst will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and security of an Active Directory forest supporting multiple enterprise forests. The Analyst will be responsible for protecting the highly privileged accounts and their associated credentials. The analyst will also work with team members to enhance security monitoring tools with contextual information. The analyst must be able to review vulnerability scans and provide an assessment of the vulnerabilities as they relate to the environment. The analyst will review various sources for security information and threats and determine the potential impact to the environment. Risk assessment techniques are a plus.
Essential Functions of the Job:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to manage and maintain an Active Directory forest infrastructure
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to troubleshoot common Windows and Active Directory issues
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to locate and assimilate new information to provide context for security events
Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to recognize and research attacks and attack patterns
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to prioritize events so that the most impactful are addressed first
Job Requirements:
Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong network and/or system background
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong knowledge of Windows Server technologies
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong knowledge of Active Directory
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong knowledge of PowerShell scripting
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Experience with host based intrusion detection/prevention (HIDS/HIPS)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledge of IPsec desired
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledge of PKI desired
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Experience with 24x7 support a plus
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong knowledge of information security technologies
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong research skills
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Excellent team skills and integrity in a professional environment
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Excellent social, communication and technical writing skills Demonstrated integrity in a professional environment
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledgeable in legal issues within information security environments (i.e., data privacy)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ TCP/IP network expertise
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Excellent teaming skills
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Exceptional social, communication, and technical and general writing skills
6+ years' experience in one or more of the following:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Active Directory configuration, administration, and troubleshooting
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Windows Server platform administration, including knowledge of 2012 R2
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Scripting and writing PowerShell Cmdlets
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Reviewing security events and threats
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Deep understanding of the TCP/IP protocol stack
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Understanding of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Experience with programming languages such as Java, Java script, C, C++, C#, ASP, .NET, Visual Basic and is a plus (perl, python as well)
Bachelors or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or relative work experience
Certification Requirements:
CISSP, CISM or CISA desirable
Other Requirements:
On Call with ability to physically access Secaucus Data Center

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